James Maxwell was one of the jewellery industry’s most recognised characters. A quintessential Englishman
and exceptional individual, he passed away at only 36 years of age, leaving behind his loving wife and two
beautiful children.

During his short life, his unique blend of optimism, humour and fortitude touched every corner of the globe,
leaving behind countless smiles and memorable moments.

Raised in a quaint countryside village, friends and family knew from a young age that his indomitable personality
would excel him to far-away places and great achievements.

In James’ early career he found success in the many facets of the UK
watch and jewellery trade, specializing in marketing and branding. With
his irrepressible determination, true foresight and characteristic hard
work, James began developing international diamond collections for
major fashion houses before founding 21st Dimension in 2005. There
he excelled at developing and deploying complete diamond brands into
retailers across the world. It is a lasting testament to James that the
premium brands that he created continue to give expression to the
love and passion shared by thousands of couples, young and old, on
every continent.

In personality, James reflected the best attributes of the diamonds he
worked with - unique, rare and valuable; strong, bright and inspiring.
James always managed to add sparkle to any situation, elevating good
experiences and showing the power of good humour and optimism in
diffusing bad ones.

James' loss is felt by many but through the Make-A-Wish© America
his virtues – courage, determination and optimism, integrity, humanity
and humour, will forever live on in all our hearts and in the wishes that
we are able to grant to children.

Thanks to friends of James who wish to honor his memory, two wishes
have been granted to date. To learn about those wishes, click here .